Senior DevOps Engineer

This position is located in SF Bay Area.

Tangent Logic is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our growing DevOps team on designing and implementing our next generation infrastructure.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Design, integrate, and deploy infrastructure for rapid application software deployment.
  • Work closely with developers to ensure that solutions are designed with  scale/performance and operability in mind.
  • Establishing operational objectives, strategies and work plans to improve current operations as well as planning for future products and customer requirements.
  • Test new technologies and tools in the lab, and decide which can be adopted by the company on a global level.

Job Qualifications:

  • B.S. in computer science or equivalent work experience
  • 5+ years of DevOps experience or software development with expertise in Python or Golang
  • Proficient in shell scripting, plus know when to stop scripting and start developing
  • Experience using configuration management systems: Ansible or SaltStack
  • Elegant coding style with sufficient documentation
  • Knowledge of key software design principles (separation of concerns, single responsibility, DRY, etc)
  • In-depth understanding of Linux architecture, networking and kernel tuning
  • Experience using Git for version control
  • Hands-on experience with Docker
  • Experience with large-scale, highly-available distributed systems and knowledgable on best practices
  • Other skills that are a plus!
    • Terraform
    • Kubernetes
    • Prometheus
    • ELK stack
    • Hadoop and BigData
    • Microservices
    • Agile software development methodology